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who knows how to make a booby trap? Answered

just wondering how to hang someone upside down. I want to extort some money. I have already made an instructable on it but I want to know how it's really done.


Tie a hangmans noose, put it on top of a big pit and hope its their foot in the loop!


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It truly depends on what you have at your disposal as well as what your intent, capture, killing, or maiming, is. There are many kinds of "booby traps" for any given scenario such as a doorway or walking path, but a good one has to be easily concealed.

You've made an instructable on it and you still want to know? I don't get it.

the instructable was a random contraption that I thought would be effective if used in the right manner. after a few times of trying to catch a person, I've assumed I need a different approach or I am not setting the trap right. and I know I'm setting the trap right because even I have to look a while to find it.

You know, it's very hard for me to not say "Lol you said booby" or something similar, so I just can't help you on this question.

I do! I do! Just send small bills to......