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who started the Guerrillas warfare and why? Answered

hi this is the wrong site to be asking on but i can not find the answer any were,what was the point of the Guerillas. Was there any reason why they got  together. I know there in diferent countrys. But why do they fight people what started the hole thing in the first place.



Insects. A very very long time ago

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Guerrilla warfare is as old as warfare itself and is indeed a method or tactic of waging a war.(or a political agenda)
Usually (but not always) waged against a much stronger opponent that cannot be beaten in open engagment. It is a sort of war of attrition.One of the main purposses of guerilla warfare is to bog down huge battalions of conventional soldiers into other less critical combat areas and forcing them into mundane tasks of gaurding bridges,roads etc etc in order to keep open vital supply routes etc which makes them unable to mount offensive operations etc. and makes the war a very expensive endevour similar to vietnam.The spaniards (backed by britian) waged an excellent guerilla war against napoleon.
The japanese kamakazie tactic could also be described as a guerrilla tactic as could the russian scorched earth,partisan and infiltraration tactics used at stalingrad.
Guerilla warfare and terrorism are closly linked and in the 20th century insurgent/counter insurgent type senario it was predominantly used for the reasons above and had a secondry political purpose ie to create fear in the local population or to stir up revolt .These type of opperations are very often extremly violent and very very cruel and ugly, deliberatly targeting children and civilians to gain maximum media coverage and to generate rumour and fear..

Guerilla warfare can be noted in ancient Greece when the Greeks build the horse to infiltrate Troy - this was in the bronze age. i guess it goes further back than that.

In more recent times guerrilla warfare was successfully employed in the American Revolutionary War. One of the reasons why the colonist could defeat the best Army of its time was that they learn to fight like the Native Americans, something that the British soldiers were not accustomed. European armies for a long time met their enemies face to face in the battlefields. Colonist on the other hand "played dirty" with skirmishes, ambush, fleeing and, sabotage.


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Well, duh, but now you've given away the joke...

The same joke plays into David Brin's novel _The_Uplift_War_ (which I do recommend; nice mixture of serious-but-humorous SF.)

"Guerilla warfare" is a style of combat, not a specific group of people.

If you mean a specific group, you need to add their name ("Tibetan geurilla forces").

As a style, I seem to recall it played its first major role in modern warfare during the US war of independence or civil war, with smaller groups of local fighters avoiding wearing uniforms and performing hit-and-run raids on strategic or vulnerable targets.

This is just my hazy recollection, though - you really need to check the information through several sources. Try a library with a decent reference section.

"Guerrilla" describes a style of combat, rather than a specific group. Each guerrilla group got started for its own reasons, unrelated to any other guerrilla group.