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who started with the knexguns???? Answered

does anyone know who started this??


DJ Radio

Best Answer 8 years ago

(your name here) was the first knex gunner on this site. He wasn't the first knex gun maker ever however. That is unknown.

The first K'nex gun maker was Oodalumps, he claimed he was making small (~5-10 piece) guns before Instructables came about, some may call this a lie on his part, but I believe him as he has never lied about anything else before. However DJ radio is correct in saying that (your name here) was the first builder (that we know of) to post a shooting weapon made of K'nex.

ja laurens, dat wil jij wel weten he :D

ik heet mats, laurens is een vriend van mij. we doen dus een beetje samen met het account.:D