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why are there sooooooo many knex instructables? Answered



. Rumor has it that most of the K'nex-related sites do not allow weapons. A few K'nexers found this site and it avalanched.

yeah, Knex does not support weapons, but its their loss.

yeah we are prolly 2/3 of their sales lol.

lol, 2/3 of all the knex goes to ibles users. IN THEIR FACE!

ive got like 500$ worth of knex!!!!!!

depends where he got it from. If he got it from ebay, he has a ton of parts. If he got it from a toy store or knex industires, he may only get half as many.

He couldve just ordered parts of the webpage...

By Knex Industries, I mean toy stores that sell knex and the offical knex website.


Answer 9 years ago

p.s instructables member (duh) =)

haha if they should ever choose to stop making knex we should all build knex guns and revolt out in front of their building XD

hmmm. IAC cannons- 1000 DD-27s-2000 Knexsayers-2000 SR-v1s-1000

the knex sayer is cool and all, but it doesn't ge that great range.

I know ppl who got it over 100 feet. Thats good for a ram gun.

100 Feet!?! The youtube video doesn't suggest that cause it doesn't look like it gets 100 feet range.

But the people who got 100 feet with it didnt make that youtube video.

Lol Then When their backs are turned we storm the building and take all the knex to build more IAC cannons.

yeah, we can use the knife mod to kill teh guards if they catch us.

ahh... Then We take out our snipers and defend the building from Al Qaeda lololololol

or get real guns to shot knex

ehh... then It would be murder =P

There was like 150 euros in my HVI Cannon worth of k'nex.

Knex has been around here since the birth of instructables, There are so many because instructables is probally one of the best places to post them, also many people enjoy building with knex, So they post their projects here.

no, it was only here since 2006, 1 year after ibles.

Because people will always have a good gun design and this is the only place to post it that I know of. I myself work on a handful of knex handguns, but haven't created an instructable yet.

because its an alternative to airsoft to build knex guns.

Because lots of people like it, and it is easy to obtain and build with. Simple as that.


9 years ago

there are so many, because knex is an easy way to make something relatively usefull, quite quickly. it is also easy to think of new ideas and also its easy to copy someone else - that is where the instructables started spreading (killerK's pistol). also plasmana's answer could be a reason - you can make something, make an 'ible then remake it afterwards.

Often, when people creates things, they want to show it to everybody before they have to destroy it... That is my guess.

because we need a place to post all of our weapons. ask (your name here) he made the first knex gun instructable

Knex is a really good product, and without it, ibles would not be as good as it is today.

Because th@tz h0w th3y r0ll.