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why arent i getting any featured? Answered

I cant seem to get featured, i dont know what i have to do to get it. i think they should and so do others, but im not. why not?



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To get featured, you must...

  • Write clearly, using proper grammar and spelling. "Leet" or "txt" can prevent a project being featured.
  • Write creatively - the more pleasant it is to read, the more likely it is to be featured. A light sprinkling of humour can help.
  • Have good images (usually photographs). Full-frame images, using macro if required, in focus. A project illustrated with googled images is unlikely to be featured.
  • Add useful image-notes to clarify the Make.
  • Produce a project that is worth the ible (don't just post to get your numbers higher).
  • Produce an original project, or an original slant on a project done before.
  • Produce (and this is the hardest part) a cool project. One that grabs the attention of one of the Feature Team, and makes them think that other people would appreciate seeing your work, even if they don't like it themselves.

I thought i did most of that, my grammer isnt that good but i will have Boba the hut check it out for me, he loves fixing grammer. Thanks for the help. You and lemonie help me a lot, so thanks.

I think being featured is by somewhat arbitrary methods, ie, it's not a 100% "fairplay" system. If it's like other similar games, probably 2-3 parts nepotism, 1 part objective examination, and 1 part squeaky-wheel. It's not even clear exactly who, aside from the admins, has say in the process.

your right, even if it took me a few min to understand what u mean(big words, im 13). but thanks, i know its not fair play, most websites like this arent.

Please feel free to contact me via PM if you need proofreading.

Big words are good for you especially when you are 13 because it makes you stronger.

i know it helps me when i want to make fun of my friends and make people feel dumb.

I can see how you might see nepotism in the Feature process, but the Feature Team was selected partly because they had a track record of a higher-than-average proportion of featured projects (on the basis that "it takes one to know one").

Since the team all still continue to produce Instructables, they will also continue to produce Instructables of featurable quality.

The vast majority of featured projects, though, are produced by members who are not on the FT. Quite a few are actually "first projects" by relatively new members.

Those on the FT do not make a big thing about that fact. The function of the FT is not to be popular or powerful. The function of the FT is to highlight excellent work in an effort to inspire others to similar heights, in the long run maintaining and raising the quality of the site, and thus its popularity and success.

It has been my experience that people in closed groups tend towards cabals. Until such time as the management produces a clear set of published rules for how to be featured (not via personal commentary by a subscriber or some obfuscated and subjective answer by other subscribers to some question along the line) and also publishes a list of the members of the body that determines who is or isn't featured, then I will continue to call into question the objectivity of any such group and the objectivity of their choices.

Well put seandogue!

Honey (Logangina), I am the grandma of a grown-up so I think I have enough life experience to comment.

I have a couple of ideas that I would like to put up here, but frankly I too am a little concerned at some of the ridicule that does occur. (And it does lads and lassies!).

However, what will make that worse is if your instructable is difficult to understand-has spelling mistakes-and uses...waddycalls?? text....er, text.

For me it would be the set out that would floor me,-for you it is a struggle with spelling??

Whatever it is-an unclear instructable is not worth putting up...., some of the most clearly put instructables are negatively instead of constructively criticised.

That annoys me, and I say so. We do not all have the capabilities of some here, and that reflects life. We should make allowance for it

SO: Logangina you will get assistance-you've mentioned some good folk there. Don't EVER be deterred (put off!!) To stem the flow of creative thought is criminal in my view

Just keep plugging away dear, and you will get something that is good enough (allowing for the selection process of course..). When it is up you will have achieved something you can be proud of.

You are, of course, entitled to question. Is this question the reason you have chosen not to publish any projects since you joined? However, since this site is a commercial concern and not a democracy, you are unlikely to get satisfaction by semi-randomly posting moans around the site. You would be best to approach the site admins directly. Specifically, send a PM to Eric. However, speaking personally, I find your insinuation that I exhibit favouritism in my choices to be insulting, particularly since I have gone out of my way to explain the nature of the FT to you via PM. Good day, sir.

It's not a moan. You misinterpret. It is an observation. Sorry to offend. Without transparency, that is what you get.

BTW, whether I post an ible or not is really none of your business Mr kiteman.

Because: Your instructables are not good quality Your instructables do not please the staff or are not appropriate Those are basically the only reasons on why your instructables may not get featured...

it may help if u actually read them and tell me, not just start trashing me and my instructables.

How was i trashing any of your instructables? Kiteman is correct, You asked what was wrong, and I Told you what i think could be wrong.

because u said your instructables are not good quality, u didnt say that could be problem u just went out and said it. next time say it could be because of, not it is.

When i listed more than 1 that means that it could be one of the listed ones...

i thot u wer listing all the problems sorry it doesnt matter anymore

You asked what was wrong. Don't complain when people give you their opinions.

I was hoping people actually read them before they jump to conclusions and say its wrong. you gave me help to make it better thats what i kinda wanted.

If you want to discuss a project, and improve it that way, then the best place to do it is in the forums, or to get a friend to have a look at it before you publish.

i did discuss some of mine with boba the hutt and he helped me a lot.

I think what ReCreate means is not "you" as in you, Logangina, personally; but "you" in the sense of "one" or "someone" - like in the saying "Wherever you go, there you are."

So his comment should probably be taken to mean:
"One's instructables are not good quality
One's instructables do not please the staff or are not appropriate
Those are basically the only reasons why someone's instructables may not get featured..."

AFAIK, the admins are not the only ones who have say in featuring. I may be wrong, but I seem to recall a few subscribers who have said they had say in the process. That to me is quite problematic as it leads to a cabalistic system, in which certain members have an immediate "in" and certain members are always ignored.. "do not please the staff" is a subjective ruling and as such is fraught with suspect intentions. Not the sort of thing I want to see from a site I pay money to be a part of.