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why do i get headaches everyday out of a few weeks? Answered

i get headaches everyday out of separated weeks! i have no clue why!?


My wife used to get Violent Migraines till I took Mono-sodium Glutamate out of her diet.

Our bodies are amazing things.... but you must pay attention to what your body is telling you. That's a big secret that takes years to learn. When I was younger (i am almost 58), I would notice my EYELID would start twitching sometimes. "This is ODD" I thought to myself. I had no idea what caused it. Then after years of this re-occuring, I noticed that it ONLY OCCURS during times of high stress -- like at my job. My body was telling me i was under too much stress and I should DO SOMETHING to get rid of the stress! I finally QUIT that high stress job, and that 100% cured the eyelid twitch! SOOOO... pay attention to what you are eating... drinking.... how much sleep you are getting... etc etc and you may find your answer THERE. The funny thing is... If I had gone to a doctor, he may have given me some stinking DRUG to alleviate the problem. I think drugs should be a last resort -- not a first option because they have side-effects.

Your profile says you're 17 & female, so I'm going to take a stab in the dark and suggest they may be hormone-related.

Although I add the usual caveat (Free medical advice from the internet is frequently worth less than you pay for it), that is an official UK health-service website.

If you are genuinely concerned, go see a professional, in the flesh. If it is hormone-related, treatment is quite simple (see the link).


5 years ago

Folk medicine may offer relief in the form of massaging ice cubes in a bowl.

This may terminate certain headaches where cooled blood is effective.

So much for worthless advice.

Any medical advice or information you get from an unmoderated Internet forum is going to be worthless.

If you have a doctor you see regularly, make an appointment, print this out and take it to her or him.

If you are a student, visit your school health center, print this out, and take it to them.

If you are not a student, and do not have a primary-care doctor, then visit your local community-health center, print this out, and take it to them.

Headaches, especially migraines have literally dozens of causes and it's REALLY difficult to pin it down.

Everything from your diet, environment, surroundings, physical inputs (sound, light, smells, even touch for some people). For me weather changes (air pressure mainly) can cause bad headaches.

To answer your question, why are YOU getting them? it is a crap-shoot. Too many things to rule out - and as always, medical advice from the internet is worth what you pay for it.

Solutions (other than pain killers, which are usually a good idea) - isolate the options.
1) Keep track of when you get headaches in a medical diary along with obvious factors - watch the pressure changes especially. Note your stress levels, your diet, any chemical encounters (exhaust from 'that other car' in traffic that you noticed, etc). Keep track of every day - healthy and bad, so that step 2 is easier.
2) Cross reference as many commonalities between when the headache happened any any leading inputs. What caused the healthy days? what caused the bad days? More data is better.

Lastly, talk to your doctor if it really becomes a problem. Bringing a factor log with you can help a health care professional connect the dots.

What sorta lights are around,do you have trouble seeing it might be your eyes.