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why do we keep paying? Answered

I don't understand why I supported this web site in the first place. I think it was to see an indestructable that I was interested in but it wasn't their ("their" being the people who demand money ) indestructable. They (the people that take our money) don't post anything that interests me and they won't allow people to view other peoples projects unless we pay. I think it's a rip off that shouldn't be. These people are greedy and don't contribute anything except for a place to view this on the net. A lot of the projects here are crap and nobody here does anything to verify the projects. They started out with a free website and now it's a rip off....



2 years ago

Jessey you only joined for free last year...

Perhaps you are confusing instructables with another site, like the one that sells specific plans for good money and still you need to buy their parts to make the plans work.

Write a cool instructable and get rewarded with a Pro status, then you will be able to get a PDF of that project you want to build, all free...

You sound like, Dr. Who is used in getting what he wants in a snap of an hour episode.. Well then you could buy a Pro Membership tomorrow and download the PDF that Monday afternoon.... Also you will be able to view entire ibles with mouse roller wheel and less advertising..

Isn't that amazing ???

Um... it's still a free website. You can access every single part of it without even being a member.

You only have to pay if you want to download PDFs or get better formatting tools when you publish an Instructable.

If you don't want to pay, but still want to be pro, then just write a cool Instructable that gets Featured.

Everything is viewable without charge including any indestructables there may be. People contribute their projects so it can be viewed using the service that "the people who demand money" pay to keep running. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and find nothing that interests you. This whole maker thing is a two way street...