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why does "do you want to save this file?" keeps on popping whenever I'm opening twitter in psp Answered

It always appear whenever I enter address in internet browser or even in internet search. How can I disable it? I can't go through with my destination site because of it. Even if I already saved it, it keeps on popping. Please help and thanks in advance. *sorry for my wrong grammar too lllOTL*



On any system, that occures when you are opening a file which has no supported in browser solftware. For instance, if i open a PDF on my phone, it downloads it, as i dont have adobe reader installed. Once i install it, the pdf opens in the browser.

When you download the file, what format/ extension does the downloaded file have?

it's just a normal file. I'm sorry I actually sucks with these stuffs.

a *.normal file, or a *.html file, which of is a normal file to come across in a web browser?

Just a file. I provided you with images. First one is what appears every time I try to open twitter. Second one is the file what I am talking about. Thanks a lot. I am very thankful for your patience.


your file is exactly 1kilobyte, likely a single datapacket. Your PSP is likely blocked from using twitter, or its not correctly redirecting, to a PSP service, or, its downloading the redirect script. In all cases im afraid theres nothing you can do, other than go on a PSP forum and ask the question there, perhaps others have found a way to circumvent the redirect. I have this problem with my DS and phone, im unable to go on youtube and check my account simply because none of the scripts work, even though i want to ignore all the scripted content and click on my videos.

anyway, sorry i couldnt help more

It's okay :)) Thank you very very very much. I appreciate it a lot.