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why does my bike front wheel squeaks sometimes? Answered

i just converted my dads racing bike into a fix gear and sometimes when i cruise around,the front wheel squeaks and after a long spin the squeaks disappear.Is it because i need grease or wd 40 in my front wheels hub or smthin?

answers appretiated,please Answer!thanks.....


Does the bike have a front brake? If the wheel is not aligned properly it could be rubbing on the brake pad.

+1. I use lanolin spray. It's good for waterproofing leather as well, and makes you smell like a sheep.

well kind to think of it,re packing the bearing Is a good idea.it IS an old bike.maybe ill try doing it.

so no WD 40?
i just WD 40 the sides from the outside and spin the wheel really fast so the oil sips......


7 years ago

NEVER WD40 A BIKE!!!!!!!!! Just re-pack it dude. The best thing about this is the parts are there, just don't loose anything. All you need is wheel bearing grease and Tri-Flow ($6 @ Walmart) to "lube" your bike.

. Before tearing down the front axle, check and see if one of the brake pads is rubbing up against the rim and causing the squeal. If it's not a brake pad, seandogue is probably right.
. Come to think of it, if it has been more than a couple of years since the bearings were repacked, I'd go ahead and do it - even if that's not where the squeal is coming from.