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why does my wifi disconnect so offen? Answered

Hey everyone i am wondering why my wifi radomly disconnects all the time and it can be for hours.  I have a D-link wifi pickup for my computer and a Netgear router. The wifi pickup heats up but i always have a fan on it so its ok with that but, I'm sick and tired of random disconnects. 
Any apps or ideas to slove this?


There are several apps you can try to run to see your local wireless noise.
Inssider or WifiScan for instance let you see local networks and their strength and channels.
Knowing this info will let you set your router on a channel with the least noise giving you a more reliable connection. There are also other factors like Microwave Ovens, Radio Equipment, Cell phone/towers, Wireless home phone and even electrical noise if you have large power lines near where you live among many other things. Microwave Ovens are often the most common problem I run across. Most Microwaves and send out VERY strong signals but their range is often limited to approx 30-50feet. All these things can be tracked down with a directional antenna, Wifi card, Software and time. Some software I've used to track down sources of wireless noise is AirMagnet and AirGrab. I used this method to find that my Neighbor got a new Panasonic Microwave that kills my WiFi network every time they use it. (One of those rare cases where a microwave causes interference greater then 50 feet away). Though a few months late I hope this post helps you track down your Wireless problem.

chances are your software does not handle connection drops to well, perhaps find unnoficial software updates, otherwise, if its a seperate modem your connecting to,not connected to yours, perhaps you require a nonstop connection to keep connected on, similar to what i just said, but for the computer to the network, rather than software to the internet


7 years ago

Try giving your computer (and all other devices on your network) a fixed IP address, and limit the number of IP addresses your router allows to be open.

If you're in an area with a lot of other wi-fi you may be getting swamped by another router. Try changing your wireless channel - The settings will be in the Netgear configuration pages.

Otherwise, try changing your ADSL filter and ensure any other phones on the circuit have filters fitted. If no joy with the above, unplug everything else and plug your router directly into the main socket.

If you still get disconnections, report it as a fault with your ISP and tell them the steps you've taken previously.

Diff. channel - excellent idea. Wish I'd added that one.

Try aiming the antennas in other directions. Sometimes the antenna on the computer is slightly directional.

we dont have any antennas its just a box for the router and a almost usb flash drive size pickup

There are many things that can cause wifi disconnects:
among other things...most are the 'same'
- Signal strength and signal to Noise ratio -- too much or too little signal can prevent communication between 2 points.  This measurement causes the most drops, and is affected by many common problems:
 -- distance too great, or something in the way (thick walls)
 -- interference from noise sources -- fluorescent bulbs, microwave ovens, or other radio equipment (including other wifi) in your area.
 -- broken/worn out equipment.  If it's busted, you're screwed, but often a firmware update or setting change can help.

As others suggest, re-aim the antenna(s), or purchase higher gain antennas for your router / access point and end connection.    Along those lines, move the router to a more central location, and away from any noisy appliances. (especially lighting)
Do a firmware update for your router -- it might just be a software problem. 
Update the drivers for your wifi connection on the computer, often involving uninstalling the hardware, then reinstalling with the newest drivers from the manufacturer's website. 
CHANGE the channel that your router operates on -- by default most routers are on channel 6 (options 1-12)  If there are a lot of networks in your area you might just be getting 'noise' from those, so a channel change often helps.  I recommend something not 1, 6 or 12.
Get a new router, netgear is crap.

Sometimes storms in your area will effect your internet connections. Check with your ISP (internet service provider), might be a problem at their end.