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why does the sun have a halo today?01/11/2010 Answered

In south africa this morning (johannesburg) the sun has a halo,its very beautiful,does anyone know why? Local opinions have varied from ,water vapour to something to do with jupiter to the end of the world is here,any ideas?



High altitude ice crystals.
Where are you in Jo'burg, roughly ? I'm working in Sasolburg on and off at the moment.

Thank you for posting this! It's a beautful phenomenon, caused by (as Steve wrote) high altitude ice crystals. On a recent flight from Sacramento to Burbank (California), at 36,000 feet I was able to see almost a full-circle halo (or "sun dog") around the sun caued by this effect. There were even a few times where the secondary rings appeared.

Ive never seen this before,really pretty wish i knew how to post pictures here then i could show you how beautifull it was.

Sometimes you can see false sun on each side of the real one. THAT"S really cool!

Id like to see that but I live in a hot place so I doubt I ever will,and im certainly not coming to Russia,I dont like cold weather.sunshine and short trousers for me thank you.