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why dont I have a Partition table? Answered

OK so a week or so ago I decided to give ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx a spin, just to see how it runs.  I've installed linux before, both with wubi and off of a disc, but this time I ran into a problem, I have no partition table : This is a HUGE problem for me because I need windows, and with no partition table ubuntu dosnt know I have windows, if it did I could install them using the "install side by side" option, but i can't.  I have even reinstalled windows and i still have no partition table.  Its not incredibly imprtant that this works but I really want to dual boot linux.  I'm in a love-hate relationship with linux; I like the idea but usually uninstall after a little while of using it :P.  I dont want to re install windows again, so does anyone know how I can set up a partition table? 

If it hepls my computer's specifications are:
1.7Ghz Intel celeron
256 mb Intel GMA X3100 graphics card
1GB ram
32bit Windows 7 professional


GParted from a live cd. Shouldn't have to wipe the HDD, just resize and allocate.

.  You probably won't lose anything, but, as LR points out, "funny things can happen." Apparently, you already have a problem and there is always the chance that your efforts will only exacerbate the situation. This is one of those times when following the Boy Scout motto ("Be Prepared") is mandatory. Assume the worst.

Right, but funny things can happen when messing with this kind of thing, so I'd make sure to have full backups and install cds before trying. If you get stuck and can't google your way out don't hesitate to ask...

(If you've got Windows you might be able to use DiskPart via CMD)


Well the thing it linux says I don't have a partition table, but im typing this from windows on the computer mentioned right now.  I used to be able to use linux a while ago, then I had to wipe the drive and now I have this problem.

You'll have a partition table, but I'll guess that  reinstalling Windows destroyed the Linux partition. DiskPart is probably going to be tough for you, but search for "free disk partition software" and you may find something that helps. Then, I'd guess that "dual boot windows linux" might answer it for you too


well linux was installed after windows, windows was installed on the disk after it was completly wiped because it was in a prototype DVR box and had wierd setups, so i figured by completly reinstalling windows again it would do the same thing.  I know how to use diskpart, i've used it beofre.  my friend showed me an option in the linux partitioner (forgot the name) that is "create new partition table" but i'd lose windows which i dont want to do. does diskpart have a similar option? 

I haven't used DiskPart that much, but you need to create a separate partition for each OS and have some kind of boot-loader. Or have fiddle with the BIOS boot-priority so that the first boot device is the logical-drive with the OS you want to boot.


 so either way i lose windows?

Your boot process is possibly the problem, but I just wonder now whether the disk-format might be giving you a problem? Does the not-Windows OS like NTFS (a guess)?


 it really weird, because i have gone through this all before with no problems at all, but when I reinstalled.....this!  
linux can see and mount NTFS but can't run from it.  during the installation it should say "there is another operating system installed....." but it just says i have only unallocated space.

All the spec's you've given are irrelevant.
Without a partition table your 128GB SSD isn't going to work at all, so you must have one.
Have you used partition software to see what is on your disk?