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why is there no 'random instructables' button? Answered

I just thought it would be nice to be able to get a random instructable, it seems there was the option in the past, via explore, but no longer.  Alternatively does anyone know a way of doing a google search to get a random page within a site?



if you paste https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/?&sort=random_9684 into your address bar and change 9684 to a different number you will get a random list of instructables. It's not exactly a button but it's as close as I could get

I think a "random Instructable" button would bring mostly irrelevant I'bles. If you disagree, I probably haven't understood you correctly, and I think posting a forum topic would make more sense (the people who need to see it might see it, unlike here)

Why not go to a random category and scroll back as much as you want?

There used to be a "random" button, millennia ago...


1 year ago

OK, so here is an assignment for you. Go to this instructable :


Now read through the instructable so you can find out who Chuck Random is.

Then read through the comments to learn about the rest of the Random family, Phil Random, Bill Random, Phil Hat, ---

Now once you have done that it should help you to understand what results you will get when pushing a Random button.

By the way, if your to impatient to read through everything you can go to step 11 to learn about Chuck Random.

You know if you do a search for Chuck Random you come up with all kinds of interesting things. Everything from drill chucks to chuck steak.

Now there is a totally random irony. I just noticed that 2 days ago you made a comment on the exact instructable that I just recommended that you read. I had not looked that up until just now and it has been a while since I looked at that Instructable. Sometimes things that we perceive as random are not and if we can't figure it out how can a machine? We used to be able to view all instructables and rank the search by various factors such as popularity. That is what most people are interested in. If you were just able to pick something at random and it was really random it could be anything from cleaning a cat litter box to baking cupcakes to the good morning alarm underwear. Yes there is one of those. A guy put a vibrator in his girlfriends underwear connected to an alarm clock. But if your actually looking for something like that, it's totally not random.

Actually when you think about it to use the word random and search together doesn't really work. They are opposite in meaning. Kind of like military inteligence.


1 year ago

As I understand, this site uses the Google search engine.

So use the the same features you already know..

I'm a random member who understands there is no such thing as random in electronics...

From what I have seen students seam to be capable of having random failures with pretty regular sucess.