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why isnt there a section for origami questions? Answered

when someone asks a question there are topics like play and living, or workshop. then there are subtopics like knex, paper airplanes. I think there should be an origami subtopic in questions.



allright, sorry i guess i didnt see that for whatever reason, and i dont know why i dont remember putting this question in there.

There kinda is one... it's under "Living" and is called "Paper". Maybe it doesn't specifically say "Origami", but all I see under "Paper" is Origami. :D

as far as i know this is the section for all and any questions including origami.

The categories and channels are based on number of Instructables, not questions. So far, there have been only 358 origami I'bles, out of a total of 42,087 (figuring out how I know those numbers is left as homework for the reader), or just 0.85%.

That's not enough, I think, to warrant a separate channel, but you could create a Forum topic in Feedback and suggest it to Robot.

There have not been that many questions on origami. Start a group and get more people involved and maybe there will be a section.