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why my usb flash drive unknown file system showing? Answered



Why? Probably because you didn't "safely remove" or "un-mount" it. When you just pull it out of your usb port without "safely removing" it, eventually it will stop working.

First try another USB port. Then try un-installing the driver, then re-installing the driver. Then try another flash drive.

Good luck.

Also, if you were "safely removing" it, flash memory doesn't last forever. In that case, get a new one.

thank you .....

But there is now way to repair that .Usb flash drive .... ?

If the flash memory went bad... no. If your USB port is working with anything else, I would say that your flash memory went bad. USB drives should only be used if you have another copy of the file in case the drive goes bad.

If no other USB devices work on the USB port, reload your motherboard device drivers, and flash the bios. Hopefully that should clear it up.