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wich linux works best on ibook Answered

my school threw away 4 ibooks but i salvaged them from the trash 3 of them just need a OS so what is a good Linux distro for ibooks?


well I decided to just get mac OS x back on there wich was very challenging I thought I already own the OS and the computer SHOULD come with the OS I decided to download of the net

I heard yellow dog is pretty good

im about to try mandriva it seems pretty good but im gunna test it with a live cd does yellow dog have a live cd and is it free?

Yup, Yellow Dog is worth checking out. ;-) (I would say above mandriva)

I don't know much about it. Google it and see what you find

is there any way i can get the mac os back on it without buying anything i already have a mac desktop


10 years ago

PPC iBooks, or Intel iBooks? I suspect the former are rather limited in choices compared to the latter. You can check Low End Macs, but they don't seem to say much about Linux on iBooks.
(Traditionally, linux support for laptops is only so-so, especially when it comes to things like power management...)