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will 5v stepper will work on 12v? Answered

in "https://www.instructables.com/id/eWaste-60-3DPrinter/"   the datasheet for pl15s-0120(Stepper of dvd drives) says it operates at 5V , Didn't the a4988 gives 12v out ? , will it gonna work ? (posted comment there but no one replied .....)


So i risked it...... and know what happened the motor was dead in a month and i have to change my printer's whole setup

The answer to the question would seem to be:

If the voltage on the stepper exceeds it's rating then the winding are likely to burn out. That is why the manufacturers rate them.

Although if you were to limit the current to a low level the overall power use may be low enough to allow running at a raised voltage - Other factors become involved.

Generally a bad idea. With any sort of CNC you want the steppers to move quickly and accurately to position this requires an adequate current for the purpose.

On the other hand 12 volts into the control board does not necessarily mean 12 volts out to the stepper motor.

but bro, those drivers are meant to be used with those nema 17 sort of motors , which runs at 12VDC at +/- 2A of current.......... so you meant to say...... i need to supply equivalent power i.e. if the stepper needs(cd drives's) 1A at 5VDC i need to supply 416mA current at 12VDC, so as to be on the safe side ??

He/she appears to be limiting the current to 80 ma or 400 ma However I don't know much more than that.

5 volt motor attached to 12 volts with no other constraints is likely to end in tears.

However the video appears to show it working!

Not a lot of cost involved is there.

so....... i did it..... and it worked fine...... just those steppers becomes warm after using for an hour or two........

actually it seems..... that the author didn't have any activity from a couple of months...... will he reply ????...... that's why i asked my question here

You can still try a PM to the author... ;)