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will it be possible for an 18 years old guy to join the masonry? am willing to,seriously.. Answered

Hello, am much privileged to be hear foremost. i wonder if i may ask that how is it possible for people like me who are willing to do something but don't have any means of getting support can join the masonry?



the possibilty is always there ifounda royal arch masonsritual book from1964and the amountof studying and ritualistic steppingknodding andhandshaking isunbelievable ,not to mentionthe acronyms and before any of would even hint at beginning youmustanswer with evidence ,by what right you are there, wich unless youve bengiventhe blesing ofknowledge of youd may as well forget ever being lucky enough to guess. but thats all besides the point , find somegood wholesome freemason, and dont be fake with them ever , i use3d to theorize about how they ruled the planet and were an evil occult . and so on and soforth but after reading what i could understand of the royal archs rituals ....they are better teachers of truechristianity and true nobility than any church or priest around , find one ,try to listen and stay close and the rest just goes how it should

If you mean the "Frermasons", then you have to wait to be invited to join by an existing member.

You can increase the chances of being invited by joining one of the professions, or running your own business.

However, in this modern age of transparency, it is rare now for membership of the Freemasons to provide any benefit to you beyond membership of a club. The days of getting jobs or contracts, or being let off minor crimes, all on the strength of a funny handshake are long gone.