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will my guinea pig be lonely? Answered

I had 2 guinea pigs called max and paddy but paddy diesd yesterday and we all very upset about him,but the 2 of them were so close im afraid max will strt getting lonely without him i dont want to replace paddy and i dont want to get another one but i also dont want max to be upset he gets loads of attention from us ,will that be enough for him or will he get lonely



If you do get another one, give them a trial period together to see if they like each other. It will be very immediate and noticeable if they don't get along with each other; you will hear a kind of 'purring' sound (this is bad) and they will avoid each other. If that happens, separate them quickly, because the bigger, more aggressive of the two will attack the other one. They are social animals, but can live alone as long as you give them attention. Do an Internet search for 'Cavy' for a much better explanation than I can give.

Guinea Pigs are one of my favorite pets. I don't believe he will be lonely to an extreme. He will miss him at first, but Max should be ok. Just make sure that you give him plenty of attention. My friend had the same situation a couple of years ago, and her guinea pig was fine even though the pig's sister had passed away.

As long as you give him attention, he'll be fine. Guinea pigs don't seem to make such firm attachments as rats.