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will this laser burn? Answered

i can get a green laser with:
Output power: 50mW, wavelength: 532nm
it appears to be a nice laser but im more intrested if it can burn stuff.
will it?

Thanks , Hackoslash



2 years ago

Also total power isn't as important as how well the light is focused. With normal lasers you need 200mW+ to mark wood. Note that lasers become dangerous to your eyes much sooner.

there was a laser show on a insntrument shop, 50mW, i passed trought it and them i see black spot like there was a flashbang. but i don't know if there was any damege to my retinas

If you want to burn stuff, you will be disappointed. How much burning is irrelevant.


If you have a need to burn get a magnifying glass and a sunny day.

Another thing to keep in mind -- most 'made in china' lasers (I have plenty) like this DO NOT HAVE an infrared filter. The process of pumping out green laser light involves making infrared laser light then using that to excite an emerald which emits green laser light. This is a HORRIBLY inefficient process, and often puts out 3-4x as much infrared as they do visible light. Also often times, the infrared does the heating, not the green light. I'm no expert in the field, but be advised that the power output ratings of laser pointers is VASTLY Over-rated (for marketing) and Under-rated (for sales -- to be legal they 'say' its smaller than it is).

50mW probably won't even feel warm to the touch. Take EXTREME safety precautions with a laser like this -- not just red glasses, but glasses that protect from infrared.


7 years ago

If you want to pop balloons, burn black paper and light matches... ehhh, probably not. 50mW is sort of in that middle ground; not powerful enough for serious burning, but too powerful to use as a laser pointer.

It will definitely burn a person's retina(s) if pointed in the eyes.

If it is a laser pointer, most likely not. Pointers are disigned to be "relatively" safe. More would need to be known about the laser in order to give a guess as to it's burning efficacy.