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window gel things you put on picture windows Answered

I am trying to find out how to make those gel window cling ons, you know, they have snow flakes for winter and easter eggs and rabbits for spring. About 1//8th of an inch thick they seem to be, any ideas on how to make them and save a bunch of $?


Avery makes a window decal "paper" #3276 that you can run through a printer. I bought mine at Walmart for less than $15 a few years ago. I haven't used them yet, but all of the Avery products have been great so far.


9 years ago

when i was a kid i used to make cling ons out of puffy paint. You draw a design, lay a piece of wax paper over it, fill in the design with paint and let it dry. When it's dry you can peel the paper off and stick it to windows, fridge, etc.