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windows 8 dualboot? Answered

as the title says i want to dualboot windows 8, but if i try and do it in a virtual pc, i get errors and when i try and bur the iso to a usb drive i get errors, it doesnt burn or the program says invalid iso
what should i do?



3 years ago

You could try without a Virtual Machine, which would be a true dual-boot. Partition your drive so there is a partition for both operating systems. I'm assuming you have some sort of Windows install bootable media, like a DVD, so then boot to the Windows install DVD and select your new partition as your installation destination. Once installed, if your existing Windows doesn't recongize your new Windows as being able to boot to, then you will need to modify the existing bootloader, or install a new one, like EasyBCD. Hope this helps!

what os are you trying to dual boot? Linux?


windows 7 and windows 8, i have managed to boot ubuntu as well, that worked fine

You could have a bad disk image if it won't burn onto anything properly. For installing onto a virtual machine, a virtual disk will be easier to use as you do not have to burn the image on to a DVD or make a bootable USB.

What virtual machine are you using, and which operating systems do you want to dual boot?

i tried mictrosoft virtual pc and another one which i forgot the name of