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wine rack Answered


I don't have a ton of experience with wood, but I saw this wine rack http://www.kukhaven.com/wine-storage/wine-staff and want to build something similar.  Would a 4x4 work to make this out of or do I need a harder wood?  Also what would be the best way to attach it to the wall?



Instead of a 4x4, you could use two thinner pieces, held together at an angle.

That rack looks unsafe. Another alternative is this other rack.

You could do with common pine but it would look better with a more tight grained wood like poplar, maple or oak. You may want to laminate stock to get that size. Don't use the pressure treated 4x4 for fence posts since they contain a nasty chemical preservative you don't want touching food./bottles. I'm kinda leery of storing bottles that way since it would put some stress on the neck of the bottle and a bump could snap the bottle off. You would want to lag bolt it to the wall since full bottles and glass can be heavy all totaled.

Okay thanks. What is/ how do you laminate stock? Do you think it may be safer to store them if I made the hole at a slight angle, so the pressure was off of the neck?

Easiest way to get thick stock is to use white glue/ yellow carpenter's glue spread all over the surface and stick them together. Hopefully they will have been sanded flat and you want to clamp them together/weigh them down until the glue dries. You will probably need a big auger bit to drill the holes. I think you will have to experiment to find the perfect angle/depth of the hole so that the bottle holds when you place it in and see if you are comfortable with it. Good luck.