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wireless webcam, im trying to make in into a none wireless Answered

ok so my couzin was gona throw away this camera, but i decided to ask him for it, i guess it was supposed to be a baby cam or something because it says something about a baby [most of the words are chipped off] but its wire less ive been looking to see if theres any way to conect it to a usb and make it a web cam but i havent had any luk i bought a cheap usb from target and one of those "usb fans" i striped the wires and opened the camera but every time i conect them they dont seem to work... any help?
thanx =]

sorry i have no pictures at the time but
i will try to get some by monday or tuesday


you could use an EASYcap a/v to usb device $15 at amazon


10 years ago

I've had luck finding the video output and connecting wireless cams to the video inputs of TV's and/or security monitors. A scope helps to recognize the signal but also a piezo will buzz like a guitar amp if you connect it between ground and the video test point, whereever in the camera it is. It's gotta go into the metal box that is the wireless RF modulator on the board that the antenna would also be connected to. If you have a video recorder (VCR,DVDR, DVR) you can also make your own TV shows with it, usually with no color though unless you're really lucky. Another use is night vision, many of those baby cams have that. Lastly, there's a slight chance you can find what TV channel it's transmitting on, especially if it's OLD. In the USA I'd guess around UHF channel 14 or 83 or Cable channel 65 or somewhere in the 60's. If it says 2.4 GHZ, forget about it's wireless frequency and try the video hack.

Sorry, it can't be directly connected to USB because it's analog.

. If the monitor has a video output, you should be able to use a video-to-USB adapter. See this page for some examples (not a recommendation, just the first hit I got for "video to USB")