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wiring for a 220v hot tub? Answered

We have a hot tub that is a 220v. We are not sure how to wire?



Get an electrician, electrical shock is no laughing matter. In england any device outside or to a water device needs to be protected by an RCD (residual current device).

Lemonie is right, it should have instructions, but if it needs anything more than wiring to a connector this REALLY is a case of if you don't already know how to do it, get a professional in.
High voltage, high current and lots of water really are a potentially fatal combination.

Your tub should have come with instructions - go back to the retailer and complain.


Phil B

9 years ago

The gage of wire you use will be determined by the wattage. Divide the wattage by 220 (or 230) volts for the number of amperes (amps) the hot tub draws and consult a table to determine the size of wire adequate for that amount of current. You will also need to run a ground wire and perhaps a neutral, too. The 115 volt "hot" wires should each be fused for the number of amperes the circuit carries and should also be protected with ground fault circuit interruption devices (GFCI). In the event of electrical leakage or a short, GFCI breakers will cut off all current to the circuit in billionths of a second so that no one feels even a tingle. You will also need to provide mechanical as well as moisture protection for the wires. That means some kind of conduit, probably raintight and flexible. The length of the run between your breaker box and your hot tub should be kept reasonably short, that is no longer than necessary. Someone at a home improvement store can show you what items you need and explain how the components are assembled.