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wiring lights into car speakers Answered

i want to add some electroluminescent tape and panel to the portable speaker i built in such a way that it lights up when i turn the speakers on. my question: would it be possible to achieve this by popping the power leads of the 12v inverter into the positive and negative woofer terminals on the crossover along with the speaker cables already there? 


Do not put an extra power source on your speaker! you will blow them up!

Better is to build some sort of electrical switch that senses a pulse from your speaker, giving that pulse to a circuit that driver's your light

I have no intention of putting an extra power source on my speaker, the whole idea is to run the power cables for the lights from the 12v battery by way of the crossover so that they only come on when the speaker is on, im just not sure if this will work and if it will which terminals to use...

Ok, try the links i used in the reply's. With the transistor used in that one, it makes life easier using it as a switch between the power source and your speaker cables. Do not use the crossover. they will only filter the sounds for your speakers.