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wiring?? from WINDMILL to TOWER,How do you keep the wires from twisting inside the tower? Answered

when the wind changes direction, doesn"t the wires eventually twist and bind? Do I need to prevent it from turning 360*



Best Answer 9 years ago

Slip rings are what you need. Look them up


Slip rings are used but are not necessary on all turbines and I do not use one on mine.

The wind is unpredictable and may blow one way awhile and then reverse and blow the other way so wires won't twist as much as you think they would.

Turbines put on high towers usually have a slip ring just as a precaution because bringing a turbine down to fix it is hard work.

If your turbine is lower to the ground or on a roof you just watch the wiring and if it gets twisted you untwist by hand.

You can see my 125 watt wind turbine and solar system for more ideas:



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8 years ago

I have thought of something with a standard audio jack plug (stereo or mono, it doesn't matter), which is placed in the rotation point of the tower.

I used a gear system to turn the horizontal axis (at the top of the tower), through 90 degrees, transferring the motion to a vertical shaft running down the inside of the tower. The generator sits at the bottom of the tower, with its shaft vertical, and any other gearing (such as reduction gears) sit on top of the generator.

Alternatively limit the rotation of your tower with a pair of stops so that it never does a full circle of rotation. Even if it winds fully round (say) clockwise and hits the stop it will eventually catch a gust onto the vane that will unwind it back into the wind again.

mabye make a magnetic coupling which connects with metal rings on the windmill? !!! cm