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with the LED balloons, you get 2 watch batteries, but with a bigger battery, it won't light up. Why? Answered

inside the little box that lights up the balloon are 2 watch batteries and an LED with two prongs, the 2 batteries are stacked so the negative terminal is on 1 prong, and the positive terminal is on the other i tried to use a bigger battery but it still won't light up. Anyone know why? or if there is another way to make it light up with a bigger battery?



The 2 coin cells give out 3 volts each - a total of 6 volts.

A cell type battery AA or similar gives out 1.5 olts so isn't enough to light the LED which typically needs 3 volts minimum.

Thank you! that makes sense, i tried with a AA, i recently looked at the side and it said 1.5 Volt. Now, would a 9-volt be too many volts?

Yes FAR too much - You need to match the existing battery pair. Their voltage should be marked on them.

Make sure you have the longer lead of the LED on the positive side. Also make sure the battery your using is fresh and putting out the required voltage. Typically 3V.

With the right resistor it wouldn't be a problem.

Plug all the info about your LED and power source into this calc and it will tell you how to connect it and what resistor you will need.