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working lights on zip zap rc? Answered

i have these tiny RC cars called zip zaps, and there customizable, so you can put diferent bodies on them. some of the bodies have lights and wires on the body, and a cord to resumably attach to the chassis. i just cant figure out where to plug it in.


i have both versions of the zipzaps, and only on the zipzap SEs is there a white plug on the middle of the chassis (on the top) that you plug the lights into. on the original zipzaps there is no plug and you cant hook up any lights

hope this helps!

here is a picture of a SE and a original.
SEs dont have covered circuit boards

SE: http://www.x-speed.de/cars/bit/zipzaps_se_torino.jpg

this is the best picture i can find for the original: http://support.radioshack.com/support_tutorials/zipzaps/Images/wheels2a.jpg


7 years ago

Well, maybe your chassis doesn't have a place to plug in lights.

well is there different chassis? i dont know if you would know, but can yo buy different ones that have any other features? oh yeah quick awnser.

Oh, with anything like this (inexpensive consumer product) they'd change the design on practically a monthly basis. So yeah, there could very well be different "generations" of chassis, some with light support and some without.

Please realize this is all just speculation. Have you tried doing a google search? This strikes me as the sort of thing that would be pretty big, with fan forums and that sort of stuff...

thats a good idea, because they were from liquidation world. ill do a google search, and ill try to get pics on. just wondering, can you get mics on with an iphone?( posting as another question.)

Mics? I'm not sure what you mean. As in microphone?

Pics? Yes. Plug in iPhone, launch iPhoto, import pictures.

Can you post pictures of these?