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would someone out there pleas help me make a pip boy 3000? Answered

I've searched the web for hours and I still haven't found a desent website on how to build a working pip boy 3000 without an Iphone or a prop now obviously there is someone out there that knows how so could you please help me.


The best i've seen is this one. So contact the creator and see how he has done it. It would take a lot more engineering to get it small enough to allow you to wear it and do more then flip through screen shots of the display.


In the end it will always be a glorified prop and not a fully functioning arm computer. Unless you adapt a smart phone for the job and totally rewrite the OS and add hardware inputs rather then using the touch screen.


The reason you're not finding one (author) is they don't exist without utilizing existing working hardware. A smart phone is really ideal as it has the screen and computer in one.

I understand that but there arent any tutorials on how to do that there are only places that show you how to make an app for it which isnt really what I want to do.

i've actually allready seen that video and he isnt planing on making a tutorial about it .

hey mplich family could I use my nintendo ds for it because it already has a wifi antena in it and some manual controls