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xbox controller guitar question? Answered


I happened across this, it looked interesting.

It has an xbox symbol on it, which flashes when you press it.

I looked it up on Googles; I can find images of similar items like it but not a single photo of this exact model.

It is seems to be full sized and wireless; wooden body and neck, tuning pegs and bridge; plastic frets and a kind of tremolo thing where the strings would be.

I'd like to stick it on Ebay; does anybody know if it is for an xbox one, or 360 or both; does it have any value ?

Thank you


Definitely a Rock-band (2?) 360 controller.

That style of lower fret is rock band's trademark. It also has the Two sensors for syncing your TV to the console (between the bridge and the directional pad) But it's missing the start/select buttons and looks like there's some real hardware mounted on it.

My guess would be someone took a old guitar and shoved the electronics of the controller inside. Maybe for a "Realistic" feel? lol

Find someone with a 360 and make sure it works first. If you can prove it works you may get $100 for it.

Dear wired-mist,

Thank you for your help.

It does have some splotches of glue on the neck so you could be right but who ever made it was skilled because everything fits so well.

It is just so odd.

Incidentaly, the volume and tone dials are start and select switches.

Kind Regards


I was almost thinking the same thing, Glad you can actually play with it now !

You wind up selling it or you keeping it?

Well, the last game I ever played was Jet Set Willy on a ZX Spectrum, so it's not really something that I would use.

After your response we tried it on my friend's Xbox and it connected and went through the menu; he did not have any guitar games though so we could not actually try it; it was no use to him either so when I have time I will stick it on Ebay and see what happens.

Once again, thanks for your help.


Well hey, Good luck!

Try to take some footage of you playing with it though. Should help Re-Sale if you can show it works !