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yogurt? Answered

I make yogurt and sometimes it comes out elastic, slimy. Any known reason why?



I completely support canida's answer. I just posted an instructable about homemade yogurt and I had one bad experience that turned out just like you describe. I was experimenting to see if I really needed to bring the milk to 180 (since it was already pasteurized I thought I might be able to skip it) and that batch was so weird and sticky/slimy in a bad way.


9 years ago

It sounds like you've got the wrong type of bacteria growing in your yogurt culture, but without further information we won't be able to help much. ;) The basics: 1) Did you heat-treat (scald or Pasteurize) the milk first? This kills off whatever bugs may already be in your milk. 2) Did you use a good live yogurt culture as starter? Make sure your starter says "live active culture" or somesuch on the container, or if you're using a previous batch that it hasn't died off.. 3) Did you keep it at the right temperature? Yogurt likes to be around body temperature; your target bacteria will grow more slowly in lower temps. Deviations may allow other bacteria to flourish. But basically, it comes down to the idea of the wrong bacteria taking over your culture. Start fresh with new milk and a new starter. Keep track of conditions each time you make a batch of yogurt, and you may be able to tell whether it's a temperature change, quality of starter, or something else.

How are you making it?