Introduction: "Deux" K'nex Ball Machine

Currently, this is the first ball machine on this site. Anyways, this a relatively small and simple ball machine with two paths and a motor driven chain. It isn't immensely difficult to build, but it uses a lot of pieces. This was originally built last year but then I decided to make an instructable out of it since it wasn't as huge as my other ones were. So, without further ado, I bring you... Deux.

4 Grey Rods
8 Red Rods
72 Yellow Rods
163 Blue Rods
100 White Rods
111 Green Rods
7 White 8-Slot Connectors
59 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
14 Green 4-Slot Connectors
45 Red 3-Slot Connectors
3 Grey 2-Slot Connectors
17 Orange 2-Slot Connectors
79 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
32 Orange Tabbed Connectors
52 Blue 3D Connectors
87 Purple 3D Connectors
6 Brown Tabbed Connectors
6 Red Gears
58 Chain Links
3 Balls
1 Motor
Total: 957 Pieces

Step 1: The Structure, Part 1: the Base, Part 1

This is the base part one: The structure base.

27 Blue Rods
23 Blue 3D connectors
19 Purple 3D connectors
13 Yellow Rods
Total: 82 Pieces

Step 2: The Structure, Part 1: the Base, Part 2

This is the second part of the base, the extra parts in the base
The Motor
The Motorhouse
The Path

14 Green Rods
11 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
10 Blue Rods
8 Purple 3D Connectors
6 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
6 White Rods
5 Orange 2-Slot Connectors
5 Brown Tabbed Connectors
3 Blue 3D Connectors
2 Red Rods
2 Yellow Rods
1 White 8-Slot Connector
Total: 73 pieces

Step 3: The Structure, Part 2: the Tower

This is the tower segment of the machine. It is a long step. This is where all the components are connected.

It comprises of seven sections/floors

65 Blue Rods
44 Purple 3D Connectors
35 Yellow Rods
34 Green Rods
23 Blue 3D Connectors
15 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
6 White Rods
4 Red Gears
4 Red 3-Slot Connectors
4 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
2 Green 4-Slot Connectors
1 White 8-Slot Connector
1 Orange 2-Slot Connector
Total: 238 Pieces

Step 4: The Structure, Part 3: the Path Seperator

A short step. This component makes the ball go to either path one or two.
8 Grey One-Slot Connectors
4 White Rods
4 Blue Rods
2 Yellow Rods
2 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
1 Green Rod
1 Red 3-Slot Connector
1 Brown Tabbed Connector
Total: 23 Pieces

Step 5: The First Way, Part 1: the Three Paths

These are three identical paths that begin the first Way.
18 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
18 White Rods
15 Blue Rods
12 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
12 Red 3-Slot Connectors
3 White 8-Slot Connectors
Total: 78 Pieces

Build three, then connect to tower as shown.

Step 6: The First Way, Part 2: the Fourth Path

This is a single path after the Three identicals.
6 White Rods
5 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
4 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
3 Red 3-Slot Connectors
3 Red Rods
2 Green Rods
1 Blue Rod
Total: 24 Pieces

Step 7: The First Way, Part 3: the Fifth Path

This is a fifth path leading to the spiral in the first Way.
7 Blue Rods
7 Red 3-Slot Connectors
6 White Rods
4 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
2 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
2 Purple 3D Connectors
1 Green Rod
1 Yellow Rod
Total: 30 Pieces

Step 8: The First Way, Part 4: the Spiral

This is the last part in this Way, the spiral. it is an easy but long and repetitive step.
Build seven of picture two and one of picture three. Connect them all, then put the Grey connectors on a re rod and put two more Grey connectors on. Then place in the empty spot on the ball tower.
18 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
16 Yellow Rods
14 Green Rods
8 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
7 Red 3-Slot Connectors
1 Red Rod
Total: 64 Pieces

Step 9: The Second Way, Part 1: the Supports

These will support the Two Slides.
A fairly short and easy step.
6 Red 3-Slot Connectors
4 Grey Rods
4 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
4 Purple 3D Connectors
4 Blue Rods
2 Yellow Rods
2 Orange 2-Slot Connectors
2 White Rods
2 Green Rods
1 Red Rod
Total: 29 Pieces

Step 10: The Second Way, Part 2: the First Slide

This is the first Part of the second Way. There is a special guard part that you need to build(Picture 6), otherwise the ball will fall off.
16 Orange Tabbed Connectors
10 White Rods
8 Blue Rods
7 Green Rods
5 Red 3-Slot Connectors
1 Yellow Rod
1 Grey Connector
Total: 48 Pieces

Step 11: The Second Way, Part 3: the Ball Stopper

A Short Step. Slows the ball down.
5 Green Rods
3 Blue 3D Connectors
2 Orange 2-Slot Connectors
1 Blue Rod
1 White Rod
1 Brown Tabbed Connector
Total: 13 Pieces

Step 12: The Second Way, Part 4: the Descent

This part is where the ball slides down. It is an easy step. Build, connect Step 11, and attach to the mainframe.
Step 11
24 Orange Tabbed Connectors
24 White Rods
11 Blue Rods
4 Green 4-Slot Connectors
2 Green Rods
Total: 65 Pieces

Step 13: The Second Way, Part 5: the Loop

This is the part of the Way that goes upside down.

16 White Rods
8 Orange Tabbed Connectors
8 Green 4-Slot Connectors
4 Blue Rods
Total: 36 Pieces

Step 14: The Second Way, Part 6: the Box

This is a boxy part that catches the ball after the loop. It is a short Step. Build it then attach it to the tower
19 Green Connectors
12 Purple 3D Connectors
7 White Rods
4 Yellow 5-Slot Connectors
2 Red Rods
2 Blue Rods
2 White 8-Slot Connectors
1 Yellow Rod
1 Red 3-Slot Connector
1 Orange 2-Slot Connector
Total: 51 Pieces

Step 15: The Second Way, Part 7: the Tubing

Now, you must attach the tubing. This can be very frustrating. First, attach the shorter pieces to the top Slide, then the longer ones to the bottom slide.
You need:
2 Pieces of 102cm Orange tubing
2 Pieces of 37cm Orange Tubing

Step 16: The Chain, Part 1: the Grabbers

These are the little bits that grab the balls and lift them up (Yoinks!) Build four of them. Make sure all chain links face DOWN.
Pieces (Total):
12 Chain Links
12 Orange 2-Slot Connectors
12 Green Rods
12 Grey 1-Slot Connectors
8 Silver Spacers
4 Blue Rods
4 Grey 2-Slot Connectors
Total: 64 Pieces

Step 17: The Chain, Part 2: the Excess Links

Now, You have to Build Four sets Of Chain links. Two Sets have to be 12 and the other two have to be 11.
46 Chain links
Total: 46 Pieces

Step 18: The Chain, Part 3: the Connection and Application

In this step you will connect steps 16 & 17 and place the finished product on the Ball Tower, thus completing it. When you Put on the chain, The chain will be very Tight.
You Will Need:
Step 16
Step 17

Step 19: How to Use

I think this Is a bit Self explanatory, but I will tell you anyway.
3 (K'nex) Balls

To Turn On the Ball Tower, Press the Motor Switch LEFT.
The Machine Runs Optimally With Three Balls, But will handle one or two as well, but NOT four.

Congratulations, You have Finished Project DEUX!!!

Step 20: Troubleshooting

The DEUX is an advanced piece of K'nex machinery, but it does have its flaws. Here are some Common Problems.

P: My motor is not Running.
A: Either the batteries are dead or the motor is broken

P: The Ball Gets Stuck On the three Identical Paths.
A: Push the edges apart or remove the grey connectors on the paths.

P: The ball Does Not Make It over The loop
A: Check If the Tubing Is on correctly

P: The Ball Grabbers Always Snap off!
A: Try removing the central Grey Connector From the path in the base.

If you have any other Questions, PM me and I will post the Solution

You For Reading,