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The Tamaki and Ouran High school Host Club Bow


Fujioka Haruhi wins a scholarship to attend Ouran Academy, a school reserved for only the most rich and prestigious. Despite what other students may think of her, she cares little for physical appearances or the fact that she is a commoner.
Unfortunately for Haruhi, her high school days take a sudden turn when she stumbles upon the Host Club, an elite club filled with super rich and beautiful boys who use their specific traits and charms to entertain young ladies. Even worse, Haruhi accidentally breaks an 8-million yen vase in the club. Since she is unable to repay her debt with money, Haruhi finds herself with no choice but to work for the Host Club, becoming a male host herself.

My inspiration for this was Tamaki the "King" of the Ouran High school Host Club. With a request rate of over seventy percent as noted by Kyoya Otori. The crown symbolizes the king and the rose is a unmistakable if the series. Roses are a popular decoration and background in the anime. The purple ribbon and white ribbon a is a soft palate to go with the rich upper class feel and focus of the story.


A wide cream colored ribbon

5/8" wide purple ribbon

Sewing machine



Red rose bead

Head pin

Round now sir needle nose pliers

Wire cutters


Crown or tiara jewelry charm

Jump ring

Pin, broach or hair clip

Glue -optional

Paper clips or stapler

Step 2:

First cut about a foot and a half of the white ribbon and fold it into three ruffles on one end of the ribbon. Then do the same eon the other end. Then staple it in place avoiding the center of the ribbon.
Next start your machine and sew down the center of the ribbon until you have a line. Now you can remove the staples. Cut a piece of the purple ribbon to the length you want. Trim the ends of the white ribbon to the desired length as well. desired length as well.

Step 3:

Cut a four - six in piece of wire.Poke holes in the ribbon's center. Thread wire through the wrap it around the bow. Then cut another piece of wire and thread the rose bead through. Then poke holes in the purple ribbon so the holes are horizontal. Then poke a hole through the white part of the in the same spots as the purple ribbon and thread the wire. The wire should then protrude through to the other side. Then you can use the excess wire to wrap around a headband or clip.

Step 4:

Bead a bead and your crown bead to a headpin. If your using a charm and not a bead then skip this part. Then bend the top of the head pin so it's 90 degrees to the bead. Then trim it so there's only half a inch. By using round nose pliers, make a loop by holding the end of the pin and turning it back toward the center of the bead. Use a jump ring or use wire to wrap around the bow's center. Trim the ends of the ribbon to the length a shape you want. I chose to cut it to a triangular point at each end.

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