Demo of Low Cost MR Game

Introduction: Demo of Low Cost MR Game (video url in china mainland)

Over View:

Set mark picture on two axis holder,User look it by cardboard, can see monster covered on mark, they shoot each other in game world.

Use AR to figure out the angle between user and mark picture, then use wifi transfer single, control rotate of holder by angle, the mark can always track User like as sunflower.

Special thanks

      • Vuforia, great AR SDK, especially it fit Google cardBoard;
      •, Kratos's ICO, beauty and good for AR identify;
      • Majenko Technologies,Wifi code template by arduino, really easy to use;

      Step 1: Material List

      • Hardware
        • A Smart Phone, android is passed, iPhone is TBA;
        • Google CardBoard VR HMD;
        • tow axis holder; get by DIY or buy it;
        • A printing paper A4;
        • A arduino wifi board, name is WeMos D1;
        • A arduino shields;
        • Some Jumper wires;
        • Servo x4;
        • A DC power module(selectable, for test);
        • Stapler, glue stick, scissors, paper cutter;
        • A battery;
      • Software
        • editor;
        • Unity5.3.4;
        • Vuforia unity SDK 6.2;

      Step 2: Tow Axis Holder

      Find some cardboard:

      1. Made base;
      2. Arm of vertical and horizontal, put servo;
      3. Platform of mark picture;
      4. print picture, size is a quarter of A4;

      You should reinforced cardboard with book sewer;

      Notice: don't use too thick cardboard, maybe staple can't work.

      Step 3: Hardware Connect

      Pin of weMos d1 get a little issue. Printing number on board can't match with arduino code, so be careful;

      I test a few pin, get some really number, pls reference.

      //code pin --- D1 borad pin
      //2 ---- 8

      //3 ---- 0

      Step 4: Arduino Uploading

      Follow url of below to set up your arduino environment:

      Installing with Boards Manager

      then must choose correct BOAED and UPLOAD SPEED in arduino editor;

      Board - wemos D1 R2;

      upload Speed: - 115200;

      Step 5: Ready for Android:

      1. JDK download and install;
      2. android SDk download and install;
      3. Unity5.3.4 download and install;
      4. Vuforia SDK 6.2 download; free version was enough;
      5. cardboardUnitySDK0.6 download;

      Android was passed. IOS has issue. maybe use unity for MAC

      Step 6: Unity3d Android Publish by Project File

      1. download project file on this page, and extract it;
      2. run unity3d5.3.4, open project, select decompressed folder;
      3. go to,License Manager - add License key, you will get a long string, copy it;
      4. go back unity3d,hierarchy - ARcamera,then go to inspector - open vuforia configuration;
      5. paste your key;
      6. android phone connect PC, and turn on DEBUG mode;
      7. U3D - File - Build Setting - platform - Android;
      8. Build And Run;

      Step 7: If You Want Modify It or DIY, Pls Check This:

      Step 8: Cardboard HMD Make a Hole

      There isn't hole on google cardboard II, so we need make one for phone's camera;

      How to find right position for hole:

      1. put phone into HMD, and close it;
      2. move your thumb above camera, then press it so hard;

      In general, camera get a little bulge, so it can make some trace on cardboard. But if some camera not bulge, you can use marking pen to paint it, then try again;

      Finally, you can cut cardboard for a hole.

      Step 9: How to Try the Game

      1. Open wifi on phone;
      2. Find ssid “ESP_AP_wnq”, password:12345678;
      3. Run AR app;
      4. Phone camera face to mark picture;

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