Introduction: 碰糖/Honeycomb Toffee Candy Bricks

As you add baking soda to melted sugar, you will see a chemical reaction, in witch the sugar turns to foam and triples in volume. The intent of the project is to mold the results in order to construct from the bricks.



-Baking paper


-Stapler & Staples

Ingredient ( 4 bricks ):

-Sugar 85 g

-Baking Soda 2 1/2 teaspoon


Other recipes add maltose and cream of tartar however, i use the street food recipe as i don't have a thermometer, and lockdown has limited the resources available around me.

The amount is meant to produce only 4 bricks, i recommend starting with that ratio to familiarise with the toffee preparation. And add more as you get confortable.

Step 1:

Step 2: Mold

For a 2 to 4 cm big brick, make a pattern. The heigh of the box should be at least 4 cm as the toffee can rise up to four times its original size.

Step 3:

Cut the cardboard and baking paper, fold them together, with the backing paper on the inside and staple.

Step 4: Cooking the Toffee

What to watch out for:

- Adding water to sugar can cause crystals to form as it is cooked, which would enable the foam to form.

Cream of tartar is used to limit the crystallisation.

- The process is fast so you have to stay by it as it is cooking, to avoid burning the sugar, or overcooking it.

I only used sugar, baking powder and a little bit of water. For other recipes feel free to look online for the many great different ways of making honeycomb toffee.

Step 5:

Toffee Preparation:

- Rince the bottom of a pan, the moist bottom avoids risk of burning the sugar.

- Spray or drip some water on the sugar so it is moist but not soaked.

- Melt the sugar on high heat first. As bubbles form turn to medium. (No mixing until the baking soda!)

-Once it is completely melted, pay attentions, the bubbles should start to form more slowly. When it does, poke the mixture with a stick. Drops should fall from the tip. The sugar is ready when the drops are not too runny and start detaching more slowly from the stick. ( If you have a thermometer it is ready as it reaches the temperature of 300 degree celsius )

- Remove from the stove

- Add the baking soda

- Quickly mix together

- Pour ( 1 cm per mold ) as soon as it is mixed, it should start rising right away so speed is of the essence.

Step 6:

As you can see there are many different colours and consistency you can get from slight variations of the recipe. I am not skilled at cooking or precision work but it was fun to experiments and get so many different result in one afternoon. I am looking for the perfect combination to make larger bricks, for sculpture.

I couldn't film the puffing up reaction, but i promise its quite impressive!

Step 7: References:

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