Introduction: 《 ACTION FIGURE LAMP 》

Cheap way to reuse old toys FUN!

Step 1: Materials

Most of the Materials I already had but incase you didnt this is what you'll need:
1.Lamp(Goodwill $2.50)
2.Toys(Any will do I went for a Star Wars theme $10.00)
3.Spray Paint(METALLIC Gold or Silver, White)
4.Hot Glue Gun($8.00)

-Hobby Razor

Step 2: Disassembly

Adults Do This One
-Carefully unscrew the top of the lamp assembly to get access to the wires connected with 2 Screws.
-Remove screws and pull wire out threw base.
-The lamp should fall apart.
-POSE FIGURES FOR FUN This is an Important step.

Step 3: Paint

Take your TIME
-Be sure to cover at every angle
-Posing the figures in different ways help spray them without getting your fingers..I couldnt resist.
-If it's not Shiney enough then you can add Glossy Clear coat $2.50 plus helps protect.

Step 4: Assembly

Fun Part
-The Lightsaber I already had but you could get a toy one from Wal-Mart $5.00 or use the shaft that was already there and use more Action figures.
-Test fit a couple times to see how much wire you'll need for the top to sit comfortly.
-Attatch the wires back with the 2 Screws and screw the assembly back together.
-Hot Glue the pieces in any way you want.
-Use the Tweezers and Blade to CLEAN up any strings of Hot Glue .
-Use the paint you saved for touch-ups and cover up the glue and any other spots you see.

Step 5: Make Everyone Jealous

The Lamp Shade
-Thats the 1 that came with the lamp. I'm not a fan. I will be reposting some pics when I get a Replament.
-Mine was just straight Star Wars but you can mix and match Different Toys thats the fun.

Step 6: Shade

Real quick slap together Shade.

I used the old shade and cut out the Jedi symbol then hot glued a layer of fabic on top to make the shade.