Introduction: ⚔ Robot (Monster) Fight With Cadboard

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Hello! This is a walking and running frog robot

Robot has only one eye.

A robot is easy to do.

It is especially loved by children.

It looks very funny and interesting

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Thanks. Let's make it :))

Note : You can watch the video to understand the steps to do!

Step 1: You Need

👉 You need:

- Cardboard

- Ice-cream stick

- BBQ bamboo stick

- On/Off Switch

- 9V Battery & Battery Connector

👉 Cardboard Measurement:


(cm = centimeter)

Triangle : 15cm x 7.5cm = 4 Pieces

15cm x 7.5cm = 1 Pieces

15,5cm x 7,5cm = 2 Pieces

Circle R = 2.5cm = 2 Pieces

R = 1cm = 1 Pieces

Step 2: Prepare

Prepare a cardboard sheet, pens, paper knives and rulers

Draw a triangle whose hypotenuse is 15 cm and the other side 7.5cm

Step 3: CUT

After you're done drawing, cut it

You need to make 4 such triangles

Step 4: Prepare a Rectangular Cadboard 15cm X 7,5cm

Place a rectangular cover of 15cm x 7.5cm

Place the triangle cardboard on the rectangular cardboard

And permanent it with hot Glue

Step 5: Draw Circle

Draw two circles with a radius of 2.5 cm

And a circle with a radius of 1.5cm

And Combining to create gears ( Fourth Photo)

Step 6: Make Small Holes

Make small holes to oblique the toothpicks

Put the gear and a rubber band in

Step 7: Use a Small Plumbing

Use a small plumbing

You need to make it for the remaining toothpicks

Step 8: Prepare 6 Ice Cream Sticks

Prepare 6 ice cream sticks with a length of 4.5 cm

Create 2 holes at the 2 ends ( Second Photo)

Step 9: Mechanism of Action

Mechanism of action (first image and second image)

Attach operation mechanism to the robot

Step 10: Attention

Pay attention to the direction my hand is rotating (first image)

Hand to rotate the left and right will be opposite

The operating mechanism of the two robot sides must be different. if the other side turns left then this side has to turn right

NOTE: You should watch the Video to better understand (Stating from the 3rd minute 03:24 - 03:52)

Step 11: 2 Remaining Cardboard Sheets

2 remaining cardboard sheets

Mark the touch point ( Second Photo)

And Attach frog legs ( Third Photo)

Step 12: Use Motor and Two Small Gears

Use motor and two small gears

Look closely at the electrical circuit diagram for assembly

Please make sure to connect the power cord firmly to avoid rework

Step 13: Prepare Two Cardboard

Prepare two cardboard boxes measuring 15.5cm x 7.5cm and have a hole

Make a moderate hole to place the switch ( Second photo)

Put it all in and take the next step (Third photo)

Connect the elastic band together (Fourth photo)

Step 14: Decorate

The final stage is to decorate it. Please decorate according to your preferences

A sword that can bring humor to a robot, or call it a fighting robot! haha :))

Step 15: Finished Product. Let's See the Finished Product

I hope you like it.

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Step 16:

Step 17:

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