Introduction: $1 Trash Lamp by Vienna

So, you wanna make a trash lamp?

You came to the right place!

you can make this using trash and stuff lying around the house~

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Go trash hunting!

Walk around n go dumpster diving!!

Materials you should search for:

- 3 pieces of wood

- long plastic bags (I chose blue for the aesthetic)

- an old lamp cord


- a saw

- a hot glue gun

- nails

- a hammer

Step 2: Weave!

I've included a tutorial on how to weave a basket. You can weave any shape you like, you don't gotta be a square like me

(It's on how to make a cute lil hat)

Step 3: Make a Stand!

Make a simple stand using 3 pieces of wood, and a few nails.

Step 4: Let There Be Light

Attach a piece a wood of to the bass of the woven lamp shade with hot glue.

Then, mount the lamp wire to the inside of the lamp shade, where the small piece of wood is.

Step 5: It's Lit!

Enjoy your lamp!! Have fun with it, make it into any shape you want