Introduction: $1 USB Car Charger From 3 Parts

You would like to travel on car, but you haven't charger for your phone/navigator/camera? With my instructable you can make it very easy. You need only 3 parts, that you can buy for $1!

Step 1: Parts

1. Box from old charger (I use box from old siemens charger).
2. Radiator or metal plate ( Link)

3. USB port (Link)

4. Voltage Regulator LM7805 or L7805CV or L7805 (Link).

5. Сapacitor 0.33 μF
6. Сapacitor 0.1 μF
You can not use capacitors, but i highly recommend to use it.

Step 2: Whats Need

1. Soldering-iron.
2. Some wires.
3. Glue gun or another glue.

Step 3: Voltage Regulator

At first you need to solder wires to voltage regulator and isolate it.

Step 4: Connect Voltage Regulator

Connect Input wire via capacitor (0.33) to gnd. After connect Output wire via capacitor (0.1) to gnd. Connect Input to "+" of box and connect gnd to "-" of box.

Step 5: Connect USB

Now you need to connect USB port. Connect GND to GND and 5V to Output pin on Voltage Regulator.

Step 6: Test It

To test you can use multimeter or any usb tester.

Step 7: Plase All in Box

You need to cut a hole in the top of box and plase all to box. After you need to glue USB port

Step 8: P.S.

Thank you for reading my instructable. I try to make instructable very short becouse i don't know english well. If I made a few mistakes, please forgive me)