10 Cool Devices to Go With Your Wireless Security Camera System

Introduction: 10 Cool Devices to Go With Your Wireless Security Camera System

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Do you want to augment your wireless security camera system with a few other gadgets that will help boost home or office safety? Here are a couple of nifty little suggestions that'll go well with your CCTV camera system:

Step 1: Anti-Jamming Devices

Anti-jamming devices will either notify you or trip an alarm when they detect efforts to jam the signal from the cameras to the DVRs. This makes them essential for security systems that don't have these anti-jamming features built in.

Step 2: Gas and Smoke Detectors

Pairing a wireless security camera system with gas and smoke detectors make for a good combination. Once the alarm sounds, you can check which area is affected and make it easier to coordinate evacuation efforts in case there's a fire or gas leak.

Step 3: Dummy Camera

You can set up your wireless radio or IP security cameras in a hidden crevice while the dummy camera is set up out in the open. This makes would-be crooks focus on the dummy; ignoring the hidden cameras that are recording their every movement.

Step 4: Surface Contact Alarms

Attach these contact alarms to doors and windows, and you get an extra layer of security thanks to the loud alarms that will get triggered the moment the two devices lose contact with one another. This is an excellent – and affordable – way to improve office and home security.

Step 5: PIR Motion Sensor

You can hook these sensors up to your wireless security camera system to 'tell' your cameras when to start recording. This helps a lot in saving storage space since the cameras will only capture footage when something triggers the motion sensors.

Step 6: Signal Booster

Need to set up your wireless security camera system to cover a wide area or through multiple floors? Set up a few signal boosters, and your radio and/or Wi-Fi security cameras will be able to transmit and receive signals far beyond their normal operating range when set up on their own.

Step 7: Siren

Need to alert people at a moment's notice when something goes wrong? Hook up a siren and you'll be able to blare out a very loud alarm that will surely catch the attention of everyone – or frighten the pants off of any would-be crook that's sneaking around your home or office.

Step 8: Fake TV LED Light

These lights will make it look as if someone's in your home watching TV or in the office working on a presentation. This makes it a very useful tool to keep around when you have to go on a trip or the office will be empty for some time.

Step 9: Biometric Locks

While standard key locks work just fine, biometric locks give you the added perk of convenience and entry logs. It works well with wireless security camera systems, as you can compare entry logs to the footage recorded by your surveillance system.

Step 10: Wi-Fi Door Intercom

This device makes it a lot easier to communicate with those trying to access a secure location or with other people across multiple floors or buildings. Hook it up on the same network as your wireless security camera system, and you will have a much easier time verifying who you're communicating with.

Step 11:

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