10 Small Changes That Help You Lose Weight

Introduction: 10 Small Changes That Help You Lose Weight

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If you want to lose weight without "bounce back", you should consider a change of habits for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits do not put your health at risk, unlike the so - called "miracle products". The miraculous methods do not exist and are not effective, also can put your health at risk, especially those in their presentation does not have a label. So in this instructable, I present 10 actions that science has determined effective to achieve the figure you always wanted and healthily.

Remember that if weight gain is produced in a given period of time, reducing it will also take time. Do not despair, the key is to achieve a healthy lifestyle that includes perseverance, attitude and attachment to your goals. You can!

Step 1: Replacing Foods

A study published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine indicates that long - term eating yogurt and hard - shelled nuts such as walnuts or almonds help you lose weight effectively and faster than with diets fruit.

Step 2: Eating Slowly

Eating food quickly reduces segregation of hormones that generate the feeling of satiety, which leads to overeating. Date your time and enjoy every bite.

Step 3: Sleeping Well

According to studies by the University of Chicago, if you do a diet to lose weight and have an uninterrupted sleep at night, you burn more fat.

Step 4: Using Your Imagination

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, US) , found that against food cravings as chocolate and sweets, just imagine consuming large amounts thereof to soothe that feeling.

Step 5: Drinking Water

During the meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), one trial found that drinking two cups of water before bed prevents obesity and benefits to weight loss.

Step 6: Reading Labels

A recent study by Washington State University found that women aged 37 to 50 years who entered the habit of reading labels reported better control of weight than those who only buy the products mechanically.

Step 7: Avoiding Eating Behind "screens"

According to the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating near the TV or computer increases appetite, due to constant food advertising, especially those containing saturated fats or large amounts of sugar.

Step 8: Eating Foods With Calcium

Scientific research at the University of Wisconsin, claim that calcium - rich foods are useful for losing weight, because they affect the metabolism of fat cells.

Step 9: Exercising Just 30 Minutes Daily

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark showed that 30 minutes of daily exercise are as effective to lose weight and gain body mass as 60 minutes of exercise and even more.

Step 10: Seasoning

An investigation by the University of Purdue , he indicates that consuming red cayenne pepper helps reduce appetite and burn more calories.

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