10 Watt Endurance Laser Module Power Improvement




Introduction: 10 Watt Endurance Laser Module Power Improvement

I bought 10 watt laser kit. I assembled the laser kit and connected according to the instruction When I was adjusting the laser volt and current to have good laser power and keep the laser diode safe as well I was not able to get more than 3.7A@5V

I have done some practice to improve the laser power without exceed 5V I found that the wire which connected between the laser diode and DC-DC converter should be thicker either the length should be less as possible to reduce the wire resistance to increase current. From my side I preferred to reduce the wire length.

Step 1: Soldering Protection Zener Diode Into PCB

use shrink insulation to avoid short circuit and solder the zener diode according to the picture

Step 2: Fix DC-DC Converter on Laser Body

I found that the best way is to connect the laser diode direct to to DC-Dc converter without any connection as below picture. Since I don’t have Endurance laser box so I got idea to fix the DC-Dc converter on laser frame as below

by using male/female PCB Board Standoff 3Mx6mm, 4 Pcs. fix DC-DC converter on laser body by making 4 threaded holes and install according to DC-DC converter fixing holes dim.

Step 3: DC-DC Converter and Laser Module Fans Connection

Connect the DC-DC converter fan in parallel with laser fan.

Step 4: Laser Connection

Connect the laser diode wire direct to DC-DC converter output.

connect 12VDC power supply to DC-DC converter input

Step 5: Laser Diode Volt and Current Setting

don't set the volt more than 5VDC to avoid laser damage. that is why we ad zener diode to keep laser in safe if the volt cross 5.2

the currecnt csn go more than 6A but I recommend to set the volt about 4.7VDC and current 5A or 4.5A because extra current means extra heat generation

Step 6: Loss Lens and Dust Projection Solution

in case your laser lens loss and want to be fix you can use thread Teflon to make the lens a little bit tight to avoid any vibration during work and also will protect your laser diode and and you lens from dust accumulation.

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    Question 4 months ago

    I was wondering if you are able to use pwm with this setup? The 10watt laser that i have is connected to "MOB v2". power comes in to the DC-DC then out to MOB v2 then to laser diode. the MOB v2 has pwm input to control laser. I like your setup but I have 2 pcb's that would need mounted to the laser housing, unless I can eliminate the MOB v2 and still get pwm support with only the DC-DC. Are you only using ON-OFF with this laser?
    Hope that isn't too confusing!


    3 years ago

    Congrats on publishing your first Instructable. Out of curiosity, what do you use this laser for?


    Reply 1 year ago

    sorry for too late reply
    thanks a lot
    it used for CNC cutting or engraving