Introduction: 100 Dollar Underwater Camera Rig/Tray

This camera rig is designed to take HD video and 12 megapixel photos underwater. I built this for scuba and videos of my pond. The cost is $70 to $130 dollars, depending on features and what you already have. I took this camera down to 110 feet underwater with no problems. You probably could take it down to 40m/130ft.

What you need


  • Hacksaw or metal cutting bandsaw
  • Hand drill or drill press
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Dremel (optional)

I would recommend 1/2 inch Loc-Line because it costs less and is less bulky. You can also add a second light. At home depot you can buy stainless cable by the foot. Buy 2 feet and the crimps (2 of them) and cut the cable to 19 inches.

Step 1: Cut and Attach Nylon Spacer

Picture taken with camera rig

First, cut the nylon spacer to about 3/4 inches long. Next, cut or grind the spacer to fit in the largest or middle Loc-Line nozzle perfectly. Once you have done that, thread the bolt into the light and tighten it as much as you can. Lastly drill a 1/4 inch hole just under the spacer.

Step 2: Making the Camera Mount

Taken with rig

Take your PVC and cut about a 4.5 inch length, then take the top part of the bike mount from the camera kit and position it at the end of the PVC and mark the holes with a sharpie. Take the bolts from the mount and remove the handles. Drill 1/5 inch holes through both sides of the PVC and on the bottom enlarge the hole to 3/8 inch and thread the bolts through. Cut the bolts to fit. Finally heat the pipe up on the other side and thread the threaded Loc-Line attachment into the heated side of the pipe. The threads will be crude but it will work.

Step 3: Cable

This photo was taken with the rig

Take your 19 inch length of stainless cable and make small loops on both sides with the crimps and pliers. On the farthest end of the PVC from the Loc-Line fitting unscrew the bolt and attach the cable loop; attach the bolt. Attach the Loc-Line to the PVC and run the cable through the Loc-Line. Run the cable through the bottom of the Loc-Line fitting on the light and also through the hole. Attach the light to the Loc-Line and lastly run the cable loop through the lanyard hole on the light.

Step 4: Red Filter

For more red in your video or images buy this filter for the lens: and run a zip-tie through the hole and make a loop about 1/2 inch diameter. Add glue to the head of the zip tie to keep it from tightening. Glue the side with the head to the side of the waterproof case at the right distance by snapping the filter on then gluing the zip-tie. Make sure you use strong glue or epoxy.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

  • For the system you can attach a go-pro or any other camera with the same mounts.
  • Use a dremel to grind the burrs off the cable crimp.
  • When not in use put a sock or something over the case to prevent scratching.

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