Introduction: 10/100 Cup Holder

In this instructable you will learn how to use recyclable material to create a cupholder for anyplace, including places with internet jacks :-)

All the materials you see in this write up are things you can obtain from any place and could be free!

Step 1: Materials

First, you need to decide what color ethernet cable you want, how big and tall you want your cup holder. (note that you will either need to crimp a RJ45 to the end of the cable or obtain a long enough pre-made ethernet cable.

Second, you will need duct tape or electrical tape for insulation.

Third, obtain cardboard to make your frame work.

Fourth, grab some cutting utensils and a marker.

Fifth, Glue that dries clear (super glue works fast)

If you run out of ethernet cable then that is okay! Grab another one and I'll show you what to do!

Step 2: Creating the "cup"

Picture 1

Once you size up the cardboard to your cup size, you want to wrap the top part or the bigger part around the bottom mold.

Picture 2 & 3

With the marker draw a line on where you need to cut the bottom mold. You will also want to mark the over lapping area of the top mold.

Picture 4

With your cutting utility you will now cut the bottom mold and the overlapping top mold.

Picture 5

With duct tape or your choice of tape you will now slightly overlap the top mold with the bottom mold. You will then tape them together.

Picture 6 & 7

This is where you will tape your overlapping cutoff together. Make sure you tape both the inside AND outside.

Picture 8

One last piece of duct tape will be used to wrap the entire bottom mold to secure the two molds together. Remember to wrap it tight!

Picture 9

Insulate the entire inside of the cup by going up and down. If you go sideways then your glass, bottles, will end up catching the grooves.

You will use the excess tape and wrap them over the lips to create a smooth top.

Step 3: Bottom Insert and Insulation

Picture 1 & 2

Place your cup mold on top of another piece of cardboard and trace your around the bottom part.

Picture 3 & 4

Cut out your traced cardboard and use duct tape to insulate the bottom part.

Remember the duct tapped part will face the INSIDE of your cup.

Picture 5

Once you completed that, trim off the excessive duct tape; turn your mold over so the bottom is facing up.

Place your molding on top with the duct tape facing inside.

Repear the same method as Picture 3 & 4 on the outside of the cut; however you will be folding over the extra tape.

Step 4: Let the Wrap Begin

So this is where you need to keep the tension during the whole process; or else you will finish and the cable will just unravel.

With the RJ45 end facing out and close to the cup, you will eventually use the cable tension to hold it in place, for now you want to tape it to keep the form in place.

You can either wrap from the top down or bottom up; in my case I did bottom --> top.

Step 5: Oops, I Ran Out!

Okay so if you ran out like I did. NO PROBLEM!

  1. Tuck the existing wire down a good bit.
  2. Tuck the new wire down a good bit and resume wrapping!

Step 6: Home Stretch

After you completed the full wrapping, you can now tuck in the end of the cable.

Optional and recommended: Use glue and run a bead in between the joints around the entire cup. For the sake of this demonstration i skipped this step and tested it out.

I used an old Jet Direct printer card with an ethernet jack; held down by a stack of printer papers. With my coffee mug and water in the holder I plugged my holder in the card and let it hang off of it.

Enjoy your cup holder.. anywhere there is an internet jack!

Step 7: Additions

If you want to get creative then go for it.

You can add solar powered lights to it, or even something that connects to a 9v battery so you never lose your holder.

Step 8:

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