Introduction: 12 Inch Lathe Disc Sander

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I started this project by cutting two 12 inch discs out of plywood on my bandsaw. I didn't have any melamine of the correct thickness so I used 1/2 inch plywood and the other out of 1/4 inch Melamine faced plywood and glued them together to make the disc, I screwed my face plate to it and trued it on the router before sticking the self adhesive disc on.

Step 1: Cutting the Top and Bottom Brackets

I made paper templates for the brackets,the bottom bracket is in two parts to form a rebate,the top bracket is two identical parts.

i glued the template on to the plywood and cut them out on the Bandsaw and sanded them down to size then marked the rest out and cut them over size to trim on the router table.

Step 2: Making the Brackets

I Pinned the bracket to the template and routed them with a straight bit with a bearing on top to make identical parts.

I glued the bottom brackets together and left them to dry.

the top brackets are not glued at this stage.

I taped the brackets together to drill identical holes,the bottom brackets are glued but the top brackets are just taped together without gluing once drilled I then separated them, two of the top brackets are countersunk to except a T nut then glued together and clamped up to dry.

Step 3: Tilting Table Base

I fitted the base to the tool rest that slides along the main body of the lathe,it's made by screwing batons on either side I doubled up the bottom and drilled holes for the bolts to secure the base to the tool rest then glued and screwed the bottom brackets on.

I drilled and countersunk a hole for another T nut for the micro table adjustment in the front of the base.

Step 4: Top Brackets

I made the top out of melamine chipboard It wasn't big enough for the 12 inch disc! and screwed the top brackets to it and then joined the top and bottom together with shop made screw down knobs.

There is an Instructables on making the screw down knobs with a video on youtube

Step 5: Assembly on the Lathe

Bolted the base down and adjusted for level and square with the micro adjuster and locked it down with a lock nut.Please check out the video below for a more detailed view of the build

Step 6:

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