Introduction: €12 Led Cactus (neon Room Decoration)

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In this instructable, I'm going to show you how I made this awesome Led Cactus Room Decoration

Let's start shall we :)

Step 1: What Do You Need and Where to Find It

Things you need for this project:

  • Neon led cactus from ebay ---> price around €9.50
  • Flower pot (of your choise) ---> price around €1.50
  • Some sand or stones (got some white sand left) ---> price €0
  • Some plastic cup for leveling your cactus ---> price €0

If you haven't already:

  • Hot glue gun with hot glue ---> price €8.60
  • Some battery's (3*dubble A) ---> price €
  • Some scissors and sandpaper ---> price € ...

If you want, you can 3d print the flower pot, this will look amazing too ;)

Step 2: Clean Up the Cactus

When arrived, the cactus will have some mounting holes at the top.

I just removed it with some scissors and some sanding paper.

If you want, you can remove the plastic bridge in the middle as well.

I didn't do this, because I thought it would get out of shape, if I did.

Step 3: Gluing Time

Now have to glue the cactus to the plastic leveler and than I glued this in the flower pot.

Pretty easy right ;)

Step 4: La Finishing Touth

After all that hard work.

We finally arrived at the end.

Now we just have to fill the flower pot with some sand, dirt, or stones you prefer.

é voilla, your neon led cactus is done.

Enjoy your awesome led room decoration.

Any question or remarks, please feel free to ask!!