123D Design Table and Wine Bottle

Introduction: 123D Design Table and Wine Bottle

The finished product then has to be colored in what ever color you want. This is an example of what this project could look like at the end. The next part talk about the steps.

Step 1: Chair

For the chair you first have to make a square form. The for the legs you make 2 small ones and 2 long ones. The square you then put it on top of the 2 small ones and make it also touch the 2 long ones. Then you copy and paste one of the legs and connect it with the two long legs sideways. Then you copy it twice more. Then the top part you fillet as much as you want. At the end you merge everything together.

Step 2: Table

For the table you have to take a cube and draw a spline on it. The after that you take a circle and connect it to the spline. Then you have to erase the cube and make the circle smaller. After that you have to sweep the the circle and the spline. After you do that you have to circle pattern the object 10 times. After you make a big circle on the top of the spiral and there is the table done

Step 3: Wine Bottle

For the wine bottle you have to take four different circles. The bottom two have to be the same size and the top two have to be a different size. Then you loft them all together. After that you fillet all the edges of the object as much as you want. There is you're wine bottle done.

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    Great modeling job. This could make a really interesting cafe table.