123D Design Table and Wine Bottle

Introduction: 123D Design Table and Wine Bottle

I will be showing you how to make a table with a wine bottle and chair. First you will need to start 123D design and start a new project.

Step 1: The Table

First you must place down an ordinary cube. Then you must make spline over the face of the cube from the top middle to the right middle to the bottom middle. After this, place a circle with a radius of 1 at the bottom of your line and delete the cube. Afterwards you should be left with a curved line pointing straight up in the air and a circle at the bottom. Click on circular pattern from the menu and choose the line and the circle. You should be given the option to create duplicates of your line in a circle. After that delete the circle and simply add a new circle on the top of your circular pattern and extrude it into a table.

Step 2: Wine Glass

First off, put a regular circle down on the ground and extrude it just a tiny bit so it is 3D. Then take a cylinder and make it really thin and put it in the middle of the circle. After that take a hemisphere, turn it 180 degrees and attach it to the top of the cylinder. Lastly put a new cylinder with a radius the same size as the hemisphere and put it on top, then simply hollow out the cylinder and your done.

Step 3: Wine Bottle

For the last part of the project I'll show you how to make a wine bottle. Firstly put down a cylinder that is taller than it is thick. Secondly put a hemisphere on the top of it with the same radius. Lastly put a thin cylinder on the top of the hemisphere. Then if you want you can change the color and make the bottle clear in the textures section.

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    Great modeling job. It looks really good. I am going to have to give 123D a try.