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Introduction: 1:32 Scale Ski Lift Chair

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I am in middle school and I love ski lifts! I referenced a photo and built this file from scratch in tinkercad! I have to model everything myself for this miniature resort hobby. Took me a while to design, so I hope you enjoy it! I am currently working on my own miniature resort! I took the image of this chair and modeled it to be about 1:32ish scale. It is from a Doppelmayr EJ 6-pack. It is simple to assemble once you have printed the files.


3d printer, grey and color of your choice (I used Blue) PLA, and superglue.

Step 1: Get Files and 3d Print Parts

Download all three STL files. You will need to print the backrest and seat in a different color (I did them in blue). Print all files with supports and preferably a 100% infill.

Step 2: Get Parts and Remove Supports

Taking the supports off is a little tricky. For the chair, go slow and take your time taking them off. If you go to fast, it will break. For the backrest and seat, it can be tricky to get In the little holes and remove the debris. Little pliers would work perfectly, but since I don't have those I used a pocket knife. Take your time and they will come out great.

Step 3: Apply the Superglue in the Connection Areas

You want to insert the seat/backrest halfway in, then put a little bit of glue at the joints. This helps it stay together and not fall out.

Step 4: You're Done!

You know have a 1:32 scale chairlift! Scale wise, it is a six pack. But it can only hold four Lego people if you would like to display it that way. Enjoy!

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